Mon, Dec 22, 2014 20:15
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Image Vision Labs Secures City of Anna’s First Economic Development Incentive Grant
 Image Vision Labs, or IVL, plans to open in this small city by August 1 with plans to hire 10 high-tech employees in the next 24 months, officials announced today.

 IVL is a software engineering company whose software technology identifies inappropriate content in images, video, and text.  This technology is marketed to enterprise and internet-based businesses wanting to identify and block objectionable content from being distributed and viewed across their networks.

“Most of the city's residents have to leave Anna for employment,” said Anna city manager Philip Sanders in a prepared statement.  “There is much value in adding IVL to our community, not only to increase jobs, but the potential to attract other high-tech business.”

IVL chose to open in Anna after hearing about Anna's pro-business attitude at Funding 2010, a one-day conference for small businesses and entrepreneurs hosted by the Collin SBDC.  At the conference, IVL learned of grant and loan opportunities available through the Anna Economic Development Corporation and Community Development Corporation.   

IVL landed Anna EDC's first Economic Development Incentive Grant.  The grant is to assist the business with operating expenses associated with opening the business in Anna. 

These types of incentive agreements are regulated by state statute and the agreement requires the company meet a list of performance criteria, one of which is to create jobs in Anna. 

“The incentive is to help businesses come to Anna that otherwise wouldn't or couldn't,” said EDC Chief Administrative Officer, Jessica Perkins.  “IVL is well-deserving of the grant and the EDC board is confident that Anna will gain recognition through IVL's business activity.”  continued Perkins. 

 Image Vision Labs is a software solutions company that develops machine vision, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, and visual object recognition techniques for use as an automated real-time audio and visual media recognition and moderation platform focused on the detection and filtering of user-generated and copyrighted content within application and service providers' networks.

Currently, IVL visual recognition capabilities and detection techniques include image and video pornography detection, digital image fingerprinting, copyright blacklist protection, facial recognition and human motion recognition.