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A Heisman Trophy Is A Golden Egg-Laying Goose By Another Name
A Heisman Trophy Is A Golden Egg-Laying Goose By Another Name | Robert Griffin III, Drayton McLane, Baylor University, economics, Heisman,

Robert Griffin III

What is the market value of a Heisman Trophy?

I suspect millions. 

Baylor University is about to find out.  The university won its first ever Heisman through Robert Griffin III last month.   I watched with many of the rest of you during that lame show short on highlights and long on amazing boring patter. I also was pleased to see him announce he would forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL draft. 

While I did enjoy Griffin’s injection of a bit of life into this wooden program with his Superman socks, the payoff for enduring the show was seeing Griffin named the 2011 Heisman winner.

Griffin, or RG3 as he is known to millions now, is assured permanent fame as long as this particular North American culture values American football.

The payoff for Baylor University is still to come. Its football stadium exists in another part of the city in an awkward location. That location is due, no doubt, to business and politics more than five decades ago.  

Already buoyed by a winning season, that Waco university has a long, frustrated desire that has festered for at least 15 years.  Despite having spectacular men and women’s basketball teams this season, the success of those programs have been overshadowed by the floodgates are opening for donations to build a $200 million football stadium with a bridge across the Brazos River connecting the project to the campus.   

Baylor lost a bid for the George W. Bush Library under construction at the SMU campus, which it had planned to locate across the Brazos.  That is an undisputed economic coup for SMU.  However, a new Baylor football stadium, courtesy of Robert Griffin III spurring donors, is the better deal.   

Upon completion, I do expect a bronze statue of RGIII at the entrance.