Mon, Dec 22, 2014 22:22
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Ascension Orthopedics Introduces Modular Shoulder Fracture Prosthesis
Ascension Orthopedics Introduces Modular Shoulder Fracture Prosthesis | aust_txbz, Ascension Orthopedics, PyroCarbon, Modular Total Shoulder System, shoulder prothesis, humerus fracture, hemiarthroplasty, tuberosity, humeral shaft,

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

 Texas Business reports:  Ascension Orthopedics, Inc., a provider of PyroCarbon orthopedic devices, released the Titan Modular Shoulder Fracture Prosthesis.

The Titan Modular Total Shoulder System is designed for difficult fracture procedures. The system's modularity allows the surgeon to fit patient anatomy by independently adjusting the height of the modular body and stem without need for jigs or use of cement.

“The Titan System offers a modular fracture body – providing press fit application in managing comminuted proximal humerus fracture by hemiarthroplasty,”  said William Geissler of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in a prepared statement. “By not using cement, I save considerable operative time and do not have to worry about the cement potentially causing a nonunion between the tuberosities and humeral shaft. The reduced size fracture body makes it much easier to reduce the tuberosities to themselves. Also, the modularity of the different body heights enables me to obtain correct humeral head height to the glenoid after I have a tight fit of the stem in the proximal humerus. The prosthesis allows for a nice reduction, and the postoperative x-rays look very anatomic.”

“The addition of the fracture prosthesis to the TITAN Modular Total Shoulder System is another great progression for Ascension,” said Ascension Orthopedics chief executive Guy Mayer. “The newly released Titan Fracture Prosthesis will be featured in our upcoming anatomic skills workshop, Redefining Modularity in Shoulder Arthroplasty, scheduled for April 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ascension Orthopedics was founded in Austin, Texas in 1992. The company's first product was an pyrolytic carbon implant for the MCP joint of the hand. Its joint replacement product line has since expanded to include implants for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, foot and ankle. Ascension develops orthopedic products for the upper and lower limbs and sells products in the United States and in more than 20 countries.