Sat, Dec 20, 2014 09:05
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Austin’s KLD Energy Technologies’ Motor System Revs Up Malaysia’s New Electric Vehicles
Austin’s KLD Energy Technologies’ Motor System Revs Up Malaysia’s New Electric Vehicles | aust_txbz, KLD, KLD Energy Technologies, electric scooter, Malaysian market, Malaysia, Eclimo Sdn Bhd, Christian Okonsky, Datuk Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, electric motor, Texas Business, International Texas,

Texas Business reports:  AUSTIN—KLD Energy Technologies  Inc., announced its motor system will be featured in a new line of electric scooters for the Malaysian market.

The scooters are being brought to market by leading Malaysian vehicle manufacturer Eclimo Sdn Bhd.

Eclimo is one of the first vehicle manufacturers to be licensed by the Malaysian government to produce electric vehicles as part of the country’s national strategy to decrease pollution.

The company expects to manufacture 40,000 high-performance scooters featuring KLD’s motor system in the first year, with increased production to follow in subsequent years.

“We are proud to be working with Eclimo to bring electric scooters to Malaysia,” said KLD chief executive Christian Okonsky in a prepared statement.  “Our unique drive system provides an affordable, energy efficient and high-performance solution for Eclimo’s new line of scooters. They are breaking new ground in Malaysia by introducing electric scooters and are true innovators.”

Utilizing KLD’s motor system, Eclimo’s scooters can exceed 100 kilometers per hour and have a range of more than 100 kilometers. The new scooters will be available in Malaysia later in the year.

Eclimo is the recipient of a green technology financing program backed by the Malaysian government. The financing provides strategic funds to leading companies as part of the nation’s efforts to support the commercialization of new environmentally progressive technologies. New laws have also recently passed that allow the use of electric vehicles on public roads, opening up the market for the first ever electric scooters in the country.

Additionally, a leading retail consumer finance company has signed on with Eclimo and created payment programs to assist consumers with readily affordable financing options.

“We are excited to be pioneers in electric vehicles in Malaysia and are confident that our new scooters will be successful,” said Eclimo Marketing Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman in a statement.  “We’ve integrated KLD’s leading-edge technology to create an entirely new line of high-performance scooters. Our Malaysian-designed and developed scooters are positioned to revolutionize the Malaysian market and dramatically reduce air pollution.”

The KLD motor system, which is gaining traction among many leading vehicle manufacturers in Asia, improves the performance of electric vehicles while substantially decreasing their negative impact on the environment.

The KLD motor system, which uses an innovative nanocrystalline composite material, conducts energy with greater efficiency than traditional iron-core motors and is designed for high frequency operations. This proprietary approach eliminates the need for a transmission, resulting in a substantial increase in system efficiency and representing the highest torque-to-weight ratio available in electric motors.

With KLD’s patented stator block technology, power can be upgraded incrementally by adding stator blocks to the motor and making simple software changes to the motor controller. This flexibility allows manufacturers to serve different market segments using the same motor. KLD’s complete solution offers vehicle manufacturers a high-performance electric motor able to attain speeds and levels of responsiveness comparable to today’s gas-powered vehicles.

According to a recent Pike Research report, unit sales of electric two-wheel vehicles will grow at a rapid pace over the next several years. The research firm forecasts that Asia will dominate the global electric two-wheel vehicle market and expects 138 million e-motorcycles and e-scooters will be sold worldwide from 2011 to 2017.