Fri, Dec 19, 2014 14:56
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"Bad Dad" Casting Call
"Bad Dad" Casting Call | aust_txbz, Bad Dad, Texas Film Commission, Megan Bartley, Ben Bartley, Big Eyed Kid Productions,

Texas Business reports:  A independent HD feature,  “Bad Dad,” is hiring cast members, according to the Texas Film Commission.  

The production company for the film, to be shot in Austin, is Big Eyed Kid Productions.

The shoot, which will take 12 days, is scheduled to begin June 22.

The producer is Megan Bartley, and the director and writer is Ben Bartley.

The roles include:

MOM BUCKNER – 28, Tired, beaten down by life, loves her family but could use a vacation. She had kids at a young age and was not emotionally prepared for motherhood, but does the best she can. Quick witted, dry sense of humor, she does not smile.

YOUNG DAN BUCKNER – 10 (going on 50). Born to parents who were not ready to be parents, he is the glue that holds the family together. Often allies with Grandpa. He does not laugh or smile.

GRANDPA FERGUSON – 55. He has the spirit of a 20-year-old but looks much older, weathered and gruff. Has had multiple strokes and has a difficulty speaking. Likes to cause trouble. He loves his family but shows so through weird ways. Does not smile or laugh.

DAD BUCKNER - 30. An unplanned pregnancy caused him to marry early. Tired, resigned to being a father and a husband because he felt pressured to do so, not because he wanted to.

PASTOR – 40. Different in his public life than his private life. He thinks he knows what’s right for other people, but does not know what is right for himself.