Sat, Dec 20, 2014 07:40
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Best Texas Movies.
Best Texas Movies. | Texas Movies, Primer, No country for old men, Friday night lights, Tender Mercies, Rushmore,Giant,

Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms. Publicity shot from Last Picture Show.

Don't get caught up with John Wayne religion. For one thing, he's not Texan.  He's in some fine movies involving Texas, most notably The Searchers, but none of his movies can make the best cut of Texas movies. Here's the short list. 

1.         Last Picture Show.  Classic. Timothy Bottoms.  Cloris Leachman. Jeff Bridges. This should be the first film you watch.

2.         Giant.  James Dean. Elizabeth Taylor. Rock Hudson.  Dean never saw the movie. A tale of old Texas.

3.         No Country for Old Men.  The Coen brothers.  A violent success.

4.         Friday Night Lights.  Lucas Black.  Billy Bob Thornton. Odessa.

5.         Primer.  This is odd, almost unknown movie gets better every time you see it.  Mathematician Shane Carruth, who at age 31 wrote, directed, edited, scored the music, and starred in this movie, has created a masterpiece of science fiction, human nature, and Texas engineers.

6.         Tender Mercies.  Robert Duvall. Nothing else needs be said.

7.         Rushmore.  Wes Anderson is a quirky yet great director.  Viewers find Bill Murray is not a mere comedian, but an actor as good as any.