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Burleson Man Invents Kneecap Brace
Burleson Man Invents Kneecap Brace | dal_ftw_txbz, patella, kneecap, knee brace, subluxtation, orientation,

U.S. Patent 7,905,851: Patella brace.

Texas Business reports:  A Burleson man invented a kneecap  brace for medical use.

Barry Bledsoe received U.S. Patent 7,905,851 for “Patella brace.” 

Bledsoe filed for the patent on September 11, 2008. 

The patent assignee is Medical Technology Inc. of Grand Prairie.

The patella, also known as the knee cap or kneepan, is a thick, circular-triangular bone which in is front of and protects the knee joint.  

Bledsoe’s patella brace has two rigid shells, a compression member coupled about the two rigid shells, and two hinge assemblies operatively connecting the two rigid shells for allowing translation, wherein the compression member restrains a joint while the two rigid shells translate about the two hinge assemblies.

In other words, Bledoe's device stabilizes the kneecap and keeps it properly oriented to allow proper healing and stabilization after an injury and/or surgery.