Sat, Dec 20, 2014 05:30
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Certain Uncertainty
Certain Uncertainty | abil_txbz, amar_txbz. aust_txbz, beau_pta_txbz, brn_har_txbz, colsta_bry_txbz, corp_chr_txbz,  dal_ftw_txbz, elp_txbz, hou_txbz, kil_tem_fth_txbz, lar_txbz, lngv_txbz, lub_txbz, mca_edi_miss_txbz, mid_txbz, odes_txbz, sanang_txbz, sanant_txbz, shrm_den_txbz,  txrkn_txbz, tyl_txbz, vic_txbz, wac_txbz, wicfal_txbz
You sense we’re at an economic crossroads. 
You feel waves of an emotion a few notches below panic in some industries that fear going the way of the keypunch operator and elevator operator.  Confusion seems to spread like the oil in the gulf. You feel it, we know it’s bad, but we can’t gauge the scale of economic change and disruption that flows under the surface of what's measurable.
You see so many government contracts being awarded throughout the land. You see 3 million iPads proliferate across the land in slightly over three months. You see the iPhone continue to spread like a s benevolent plague since its introduction January 9, 2007. You can’t help but see them and use one or the reactive models by iPhone competitors.  You see Samsung invest $3.6 billion in its Austin chip factory. You see industries such as the internet going through its initial maturation. You see the auto industry flailing about for its next incarnation.
Economics, of course, is an attempt to number and measure how and when and where and how much we make our living, from the smallest village to the planet.  You read economic forecasts to try what no one so far has been able to do: predict the future. You feel your gut clutch. 
Take heart. While all long for certainties, only death brings certainty. The definition of life is uncertainty, whatever definite scenarios the numbers predict. In a sense, all still farm at the mercy of the weather. You always sense we’re at an economic crossroads.