Craig James & ESPN Do Not Control The Heisman Trophy, Yet

Alan Nelson

Craig James & ESPN Do Not Control The Heisman Trophy, Yet   | Heisman Trophy,

ESPN, instead of broadcasting sports the last few years, has injected itself into the story, both by destabilizing football conferences as well as political and administrative infighting in individual programs.  

A&M is leaving the Big 12 and cutting ties with rival University of Texas as one of the consequences of ESPN making a $300 million deal with UT.  Obviously, college sports will never be the same.

And of course, ESPN and Craig James’  role in Mike Leach leaving Texas Tech has become legendary, and the faltering steps of the Raiders after Leach’s departure, has become legendary.

James quotes regarding Griffin stirred a great amount of controversy.  His position that  RG3 had “no chance,” and that position, echoed by other ESPN analysts, has created a reactionary movement.  To see some of the response this engendered, merely look of the hashtag of “#CraigJames” on Twitter.

Yet despite the warping of college sports by the huge broadcast monies and personal agendas of ESPN, some pure sport remains. Despite the stilted, lame production by ESPN of the Heisman presentation, viewers found the end worth waiting for. 

Congratulations Robert Griffin III.