Drafthouse Films Buys Graceland Rights


Drafthouse Films Buys Graceland Rights | aust_txbz, Graceland, Filipina, Drafthouse,

Texas Business reports:  AUSTIN—Drafthouse Films, the film distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, acquired the North American rights to the crime thriller Graceland.

A Filipino crime saga, Graceland is about the corrupt underbelly of the Philippines' capital, exposing a world of deceit, exploitation, and startling depravity. Written and directed by Ron Morales, a veteran of Michael Clayton and The Departed, film depicts a desperate man's moral compromises amidst a tale of kidnapping gone wrong. A limited theatrical and VOD release is planned for 2013.

To fully realize his uncompromised vision of Manila's corrupt underworld, Morales largely financed his passion project with support from friends, family, and crowd-funding via Kickstarter. Graceland premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

 The film is scheduled for its Texas premiere at this year's Fantastic Fest, running September 20 - 27.

“Our primary goal at Drafthouse Films is to search the globe for the greatest storytellers and breakout talent to expose to like-minded fans,” said Drafthouse Films chief executive Tim League in a prepared statement. “Last year we championed Michael Roskam's Bullhead to an Oscar nomination, and this year we have our sights on Ron Morales' Graceland.”

“GRACELAND is a challenging, uncompromising film,” Morales said. “We’re overjoyed that Drafthouse has chosen to add it to their stellar lineup of boundary-pushing titles. Their willingness to take a stand for edgy, powerful cinema proved to be the perfect match for us, and we're deeply honored to partner with them on this project.”

The deal was negotiated by James Emanuel Shapiro on behalf of Drafthouse Films and Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films on behalf of the film's producer Rebecca Lundgren.

Drafthouse Films is the distribution arm of Alamo Drafthouse.