Sun, Dec 21, 2014 14:06
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End Of The World? That Solves Our Economic Problems.
End Of The World?  That Solves Our Economic Problems.  | mortality, end of the world, economics, theology, mathematics, predictions,

Judgement Bus. Photo by Bart Everson.

Dang it, people still mix mathematics with theology. It’s not a good combination and will only lead to the predictable extrapolation about one of our innate interests – the end of everything.  

Yep, this Saturday marks the latest end of the world.  I’ve seen a few end of the world dates over the years.  After Saturday, the next end of the world is scheduled for 2012.  

The earliest one in my memory was in 1975.  An acquaintance preached to me in 1974 how the world would end the next year. It was annoying.  The calculating part of my mind had several plans that required the world to survive beyond that time. But 1975 came and went, and it wasn't till 1976 when I crossed paths with her again that she had a new end of the world date. 

We're a bit desensitized because we see all the disasters on our screens and phones. Wildfires, tornadoes, Fukushima, the Gulf Oil Spill, the flooding Mississippi, earthquakes, tsunamis.  A comet hit the sun the other day.  And we’re all tied together by glitches in cloud computing. 

And the predictable end of the world predictions come and go by as part of our culture.This time the Family Radio Worldwide is the entity that spent millions in advertising the latest end of the world.  No matter the world didn’t end September 6, 1994 as Family Radio Worldwide predicted before.  Though that day was the end for author James Clavell (Shogun) and Rolling Stones pianist Nicky Hopkins.   

Not surprisingly, Family Life Radio, an entity with a name similar to Family Radio Worldwide, put out a statement to say it didn't believe the end of the world would be Saturday. 

There seems to be a longing by many for this end.  You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about retirement, climate warming, the debt ceiling or the Texas budget.  Rising health care costs? Not a problem. Energy costs?  Don’t be troubled. Immigration?  Not an issue after Saturday.

On the other hand, I’d be irritated about not seeing the Dallas Mavericks through this round of the playoffs.

See you in 2012 for the next go round.