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Independent Feature "The Storm God Rides" Hiring Cast Members

Texas Business reports:  The independent feature, “The Storm God Rides”, is hiring cast members, according to the Texas Film Commission.

The Storm God Rides

Project Type:   Independent Feature

Production Company: Storm God Rides LLC

Shooting Location:     Alpine, Austin area, El Paso area, Amarillo area

Start Date:       Friday, September 21, 2012

Shooting Schedule:     40 days

Producer(s):     Thomas E. Kelly

Director:          Micheal Preece

Writer(s):         Thomas E. Kelly

Please include resume, headshots and links to demo reels in email submission.


BIG NOSE KATE – 30s. Brunette.

CRAZY CHARLIE – 30s to 40s.

TOM TYLER – 30s to 40s. Western look.

CHRIS HILL – 30s to 40s. Western look.

JONAH SMITH – 30s to 40s. Western look.

SHAMROCK – 30s. Tall with long hair.

EMIT – 30s. Tall, brown hair and blue eyes.

DODGE STORE KEEPER – 50s. Bald, heavy build.

DR.SPIRO – 60s. 


RANCHER – 45 to 50. Tall.

RANCHER’S WIFE – 40 to 45. Edgy personality.

DAUGHTER – 18 to 22. Blonde or red hair.

RANCHHANDS – 20s to 30s.

UNDERTAKER – Tall, thin, rough-looking.

BEN JOHNSON – 60s. White hair, funny personality.

TOWN BULLY – 30s to 40s. Tall, heavy build.

CHARLIE PREECE – 30s. Tall, rough-looking.

BAR PATRON – 40 to 45.

BARTENDER 1 – 40s to 50s. Large moustache.

BARTENDER 2 – 40s to 50s. Facial hair.

BARTENDER 3 – 40s to 50s. Mousey, slim build.

BARTENDER 4 – 40s. Heavy build, rough-looking.

ERNEST – 20s to 30s. Slim build.

FANNIE PORTER – 20s to 30s. Attractive, slim build.

CHARLIE – 40s to 50s. Hotel employee.

BURT CASEY – 30s. Long hair, rough-looking.


Casting positions will be Paid.

Send headshots and resumes to: