Thu, Dec 18, 2014 21:14
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InSO International Call Center Reaches New Contract with Urbanspoon for Lead Qualification and Verification of Restaurants Worldwide

Texas Business reports: ALLEN—InSO ,  an international call center with corporate office in Texas and international call center located in India, reached a new contract with Urbanspoon for restaurant verification and prequalification for leads and data mining.

Urbanspoon will be contracting InSO— during an initial test pilot program—to facilitate the quality of award-winning call center services that InSO has provided for more than a decade, in efforts to verify new restaurants that will be offered the ability to sign up and be listed in Urbanspoon’s worldwide directory.

The purpose of the contract between InSO and Urbanspoon is to facilitate a prequalified telephonic campaign that contacts restaurants that are listed in the US, Canada, Australia and in the UK to find out if they are actively in business or not.

The pilot project will involve using InSO’s established international call center services to prequalify restaurants around the world to be able to offer them the ability to be added to Urbanspoon’s growing international directory of food service and hospitality entities.

“InSO is pleased to announce this new contract with Urbanspoon,” said Srii Srinivasan, marketing manager for InSO International Call Centers, in prepared statement. “When we began talks with Urbanspoon, we knew that a company of their size was considering numerous proposals from various and reputable vendors like us. After meticulously verifying our credentials and background, our proven track record with more than 250 campaigns, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our innate ability to deliver the results that a project of this international scope requires, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded this contract as a test pilot program with Urbanspoon. We look forwards to a long and mutually prosperous relationship between our entities, as we help Urbanspoon facilitate its further expansion of their business operations around the world.”

InSO is a call center support services provider that features an international call center offering call center support services, contact centers, business process outsourcing (BPO), direct response call centers, technical support – including web, chat and email support – and a variety of other call center services.

Urbanspoon is the world’s largest provider of dining data, and is a division of a multinational corporation; a branch division of Wanderspot LLC.