Thu, Dec 18, 2014 02:31
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Unsung Texas Business Journalists
Unsung Texas Business Journalists   | business journalists, Texas, business, economics,

Mention that one is a reporter, and there's a spark of interest.  

Mention that one is a business reporter, and watch the eyes glaze over.

Except to the players, business and economic journalists are unappreciated. While many wish to become sports reporters when they grow up, most do not realize that business journalists cover the Real Game.  Mention that reporter covers business, and watch the eyes glaze over. A toast to these below on the short list and the numerous unnamed ones slogging away.  

1.         Vic Kolenc of the El Paso Times. Kolenc covers everything economic and business in El   Paso.  Everything. Give this guy a raise.

2.         Kirk Ladendorf of the Austin American-Statesman. Austin’s the high tech capital of the state. Ladendorf surfs this huge wave of information.

3.         Andrea Ahles of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram admirably covers the American Airlines bankruptcy and soon merger.

4.         David Barron of the Houston Chronicle is widely known for his excellent sports writing, but he often points out the business and economic angles of this beat.