Thu, Dec 18, 2014 20:15
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Never Irritate The Texas Football Gods
Never Irritate The Texas Football Gods | Texas Tech, Mike Leach, Kent Hance, Craig James, ESPN, Mike James, budget crisis,

The logic, so simple, staggers the football gods of Texas.  

 I can’t believe the Aggies and the Longhorns and the Raiders aren’t freaking out.

Maybe some are, and I haven’t heard the screams yet.

We all are familiar with the firing of Mike Leach just before a bowl game and after another Texas Tech winning football season. We’re familiar with the ESPN controversy. We’re familiar with the ensuing lawsuit. We’re familiar with the ruling by the Seventh Court of Appeals in Amarillo that Leach can’t sue Texas Tech, because Texas Tech is a subpolitical division of the state, and the state, like ancient kings, can do no wrong.

Now, the chief of the Texas appropriations committee during the worst state budget crisis in my lifetime posed a question about whether the state can take athletic revenues from state universities. 

The logic is simple.  One, the money funding Leach’s contract was from private sources, such as television broadcasts and sports apparel endorsements. Two, the state can’t be sued over a contract funded by private monies.  Three, the private money used to fund a state contract must now be public monies since it is protected by the cloak of sovereign immunity.

Dang.  Never irritate the football gods in Texas.  We’ll see what happens next.