Thu, Dec 18, 2014 19:31
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New Briefcase.
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My briefcase finally wore out.

I received it as a gift about 15 years ago.

The wheels wore out after a few hundred miles, so I carried the thing for about two years until the handle broke.

So I made a begrudged trip to the office supply store today to buy another.

What I found was a crowd of people.  Office supply stores have increased and focused on school supplies and start advertising those supplies in midsummer.

Only one cashier was open. I found myself in a long ling behind several sets of parents with bored kids and shopping carts full of backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, Kleenexes and other stuff for school. 

It was a long wait. 

Don, an employee of the office supply store, was annoyingly happy and full of jokes.  None of us in line appreciated Don.   

After about ten minutes, Don decided to open another cashier station.  The first few sets of parents he waited on were angry with Don because he’d tried to be a personality rather than check them out. 

My turn came.

Don asked if I’d like to enroll in an awards program.


But it has all these options.

No. Check me out.

Oh, that’s a nice briefcase, Don said. My brother has a briefcase like that.

I had nothing to say.

Do you want to buy a protection plan?


What if a zipper breaks?

No.  Check me out.

What if the handle breaks?

Check me out Don.

What if there’s a factory defect?

Check me out.

Do you need toner?

No. Check me out.

Do you need paper? We have a good special today.

At this point I heard a mother with three rowdy kids two families behind me in line yell at Don.

Check him out.

Don, still cheerful to the point of inciting a riot, asked me whether I need stamps and then whether I’d reconsider the awards program.

I mused if this was some sort of training program the office supply company put all their employees through. 

I guess I don’t need a briefcase after all.

Don quickly checked me out.

As I left the store, I wondered if people avoid Don.

New briefcase.  Hope the handle doesn’t break.