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Patent: To Better Feed Wild Animals.
Patent: To Better Feed Wild Animals. | lngv_txbx, tyl_txbz,Rick Meritt,Gilbmer,patent,8201520,Animal feeding apparatus,

Rick Meritt of Gilmer, Texas recently received U.S. Patent 8,201,520 for “Animal Feeding Apparatus.”

Texas Business Patent of the Day: An East Texas man has developed a better way to feed wild animals.

Rick Meritt of Gilmer, Texas recently received U.S. Patent 8,201,520 for “Animal Feeding Apparatus.”

Meritt applied for the patent more than four years ago on March 31, 2008.

The patent assignee is Rick Meritt Investments LTD of Gilmer, Texas.

Various types of animal feeders have been developed for unattended feeding of domestic animals and animals in the wild.  There has been a continuing need for improvements in such feeding devices, including improvements in means for controlling the rate of flow of feed being dispensed, and access to the feeding apparatus by hoofed animals and fowl of different types and sizes, for example, so that such animals have better access to the feed.

There has also been a need for improvements in feeding devices which will protect the feed from the elements and feeding devices which may be adapted for placement at the fence or barricade of an enclosed habitat.

Meritt’s invention provides improved animal feeding apparatus for use in substantially unattended feeding of domestic as well as wild animals, including game animals and various game birds, according to the patent documents.  

Meritt provides an improved gravity flow feeding apparatus , in which the feed is protected from moisture contamination and feed is not lost to spillage from the feeding apparatus. In addition, a feeding apparatus is provided which may be modified to feed animals of different sizes selectively or at the same time. 

A feeding apparatus comprising a gravity flow hopper with plural circumferentially spaced, depending gravity flow, feed supply tubes is provided and wherein each tube includes feed flow control and feed containment means of an improved and unique configuration. 

In addition, a gravity flow animal feeding apparatus is provided which includes feeding stations which are adapted for animals of different sizes so that young or undersized animals, for example, may have access to feed, at will, and while other and larger animals are also feeding. Improved flow control means for feed supply tubes or conduits of the apparatus is provided to adjust the feed flow rate for pelletized or granular feeds, such as shelled corn and manufactured feeds. 

Furthermore, an animal feeding apparatus is provided which is particularly adapted for placement in an enclosed habitat which may not be easily accessible or may be hazardous to humans entering the habitat. 

The invention is particularly adapted for feeding wildfowl of different types and sizes whereby a variety of fowl may feed simultaneously or at least be protected from predators while feeding.