Thu, Dec 18, 2014 21:09
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RGIII: A Market Force That Makes Texans Cheer For Hated Beltway Boys
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Something I thought I’d never see a year ago:  Texans cheering for the Washington Redskins.

What market force RGIII carries.  Whatever he supplies, the demands increases exponentially, and he supplies again.

What a great NFL start.  The first quarterback born in the 1990s to start as a QB in the pros. Debut in the Superdome. 362 yards.  40 points.  139.9 player rating.

 And not just against any NFL team.  Not just against any NFL playoff team. This Copperas Cove High School athlete's win came against the Saints and Drew Brees.  

The same force that boosted the property values of downtown Waco, created a $250 million football stadium for Baylor University now increases the ratings of a Redskins-Saints game from Texas viewers. 

Most Texans are raised to have a hatred of anything in the Beltway. 

RGIII, by his talent, brought Texans against their will into rooting for the hated Redskins.  And I'm not talking about transplanted Texans.  I'm talking fifth, sixth and seventh-generation Texans.  Without a doubt, more Texans cheered for Washington than ever have.   

I look forward to the Cowboys hosting the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day.