Sun, Dec 21, 2014 06:04
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Rooster Restriction
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You can only have two roosters in a Fort Worth residential area.

That was the controversial report last week in cowtown, that same town that will host the Super Bowl broadcast operations on February 6.

When one consider most residents of Fort Worth never have been around a rooster, or hen, or chickens, it may give you a bit of pleasure that chickens served as the subject for a considerable amount of that city’s time. 

I once had a rooster and hens.  The rooster actually served a purpose, though he'd spur and peck at both dogs and people.  

Most of the dogs were scared of the rooster.  But one day, a dog was not scared. That was the rooster’s end.

I still miss hearing that rooster in the early morning. Nobody else at my residence does, however, as they do not do mornings.   

While Fort Worth council voted 9-0 on the ordinance, they didn’t outlaw roosters at homes.  You can still own two roosters.    The rationale used to support the ordinance was the issue of cockfighting. Supporters of the ban said too many people bred roosters for the illegal sport.  Of course, cockfighting continues despite the law.

It was not a boring discussion about biotechnology.  Despite the problem of cockfighting, it is refreshing to see people argue over the number of chickens that can be kept.

Before the vote, Fort Worth residents could keep up to 12 fowl, all which could be roosters of couse, on a half-acre or less.  

Now you are limited to two roosters per Fort Worth residence. Only one will rule the roost, or back fence, or clothesline.