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Short Film 'Watching You' Hiring Cast Members

Texas Business reports:  The independent short film, Watching You, is hiring cast members, according to the Texas Film Commission.

Watching You

Project Type:   Independent Short

Production Company: Frozen Fire Productions

Shooting Location:     San Antonio

Start Date:       Friday, February 24, 2012

Shooting Schedule:     7 Days

Producer(s):     Nichol Rodriguez

Director:          Joshua Thomas

Writer(s):         Joshua Thomas

TAYLOR – 20s. Male. A self-centered, egotistical actor who spends his time chasing women.

DENISE – 20s. Taylor’s girlfriend, she is a kind-hearted and happy woman who has become scarred and hurt after years of mistreatment by her boyfriend.

JESSICA PARKER – 20s. Introverted, sweet and meek, she often makes herself laugh. She rambles when she is nervous and would rather spend her time playing games and reading comics than risking social rejection.

ZOEY – 20s to 30s. Jessica’s only friend. She is cunning and uses her resources for professional advancement. She cares about Jessica but doesn’t think twice about taking advantage of her.

HAL MILLER – 30s to 40s.A corporate CEO, he is loud, impulsive and often unknowingly degrades his employees.

EVAN – 20s. Male. Jessica’s crush and Hal’s secretary. He is a nice guy, though not very bright, and oblivious to Jessica’s feelings for him.

DOCTOR – 30s to 40s. Male or female. A very mysterious character that appears at different times playing different roles. Has a very strong presence and demeanor, denoting wisdom and power in their voice.


Additional roles for:

Men and Women – 20s to 60s

Boys 8 – 13

Girls – 13 to 19

Casting positions will be Paid.


Send headshots and resumes to:


Project posted January 09, 2012