Thu, Dec 18, 2014 06:27
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Superstar Singer/Producer Nick Jonas Revealed as Wizard101 Mystery Composer
Superstar Singer/Producer Nick Jonas Revealed as Wizard101 Mystery Composer | dal_ftw_txbz, Plano, KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard101, Wintertusk, Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Todd Colemann,

Texas Business reports:  Plano—KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the online game Wizard101, announced that the soundtrack for its new expansion world, Wintertusk, was wholly written and produced by superstar singer/producer Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

"This was a first for me,” said Nick Jonas in a prepared statement.  “I never produced or wrote music for a game or in this case, a whole world before.  So I jumped at the chance to work with KingsIsle. It was very cool to be part of a project that allowed me to help create the mood for Wintertusk and interact with an audience in an entirely new way.”

Over the last two months, Jonas composed seven pieces of environmental music that serve to define the personality of the icy world of Wintertusk. The project required Jonas to create compelling original work fit for a frozen virtual world, while remaining faithful to the game's exacting musical standards.

“Nick Jonas is an extraordinary talent and it's been an incredible experience to work with him over the last few months," said Wizard101 vice president and creative director Todd Coleman in a statement.  “When you listen to the music for the new world of Wintertusk, it's clear that Nick is an endlessly creative composer and producer with an amazing degree of versatility.”

Wizard101 is one of the most popular online games in the United States, attracting more than 15 million registered users in the US alone since its launch in 2008. Designed to provide safe and fun online entertainment for the family, Wizard101 continues to experience extraordinary growth and receive industry acclaim.             

KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the family. Wizard101, KingsIsle's flagship property, received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards.  Wizard101 was named Best MMO of 2010 by Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine, Best Family MMO of the Decade by and the  No. 1 Best Family Game of 2009 by 

KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano and has a development studio in Austin.