Fri, Dec 19, 2014 18:51
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Texas Eat California
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Texas Is Messing With You. (Publicity Shot from The Blob, 1958)

Texas Eat Califorina.

That’s the word I heard.

It’ a mysterious state that sometimes calls itself a republic and whose governor threatens secession.  Yet it's not a historical documentary about the Civil War, but an economic strategy in a time of iPhones and private space exploration. 

The state’s shape doesn’t resemble a square, a circle or any known form.  It has come to be called the Texas.

The people of nearby small states and Mexico refuse to listen to some teenagers who have witnessed its destructive power.  In the meantime, the incomprehensible Texas just gets bigger, absorbing Mexicans, Oklahomans, New Mexicans and a great part of post- Katrinia New Orleans. It takes people from New York, New Jersey and throughout the world.

Then Texas started rustling Californians and cowboying the surfers, herding them here by the thousands.  

Small government, and plenty of rural land still to eat up with urban sprawl.  The Texas governor sends letters to California businesses to lure them away with cheaper labor, lower taxes and hardly any labor unions.  While he does say secession and other anti-U.S. union statements from time to time, his real plan is to engulf the other 49 states and make everything Texas. 

The formual is simple. Bash California = Texas Business. 

It seems to work.  In the last few years, many Texan companies bought several California companies and consolidated their operations into Texas. Population and money flows into the state across all borders.  

That’s despite the Texas budget crisis that threatens to undermine education, one of the great engines of the Texas economy.

Some Californians  woke up to the situation. They advertise and campaign against Texas. 

Too late.

Texas Eat California.