Fri, Dec 19, 2014 16:41
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The Owner of The Texas Rangers Has A GutPak
The Owner of The Texas Rangers Has A GutPak

Nolan Ryan at Vitek's. Source: Vitek's on Facebook.

Vitek’s BBQ, a well known barbecue establishment founded in 1915 in Waco, posted a photo of Nolan Ryan today on Facebook under its FB name of GutPak.

It's not a great photo.  But the lack of studio/professional photographer polish makes it genuine and rings that bell of the common man: a brush with greatness. 

For those not familiar with the extensive land of Texas barbecue lore, the GutPak is defined as “Fritos,Cheese,Chopped Beef,Beans,Sausage,Bread Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos.”

The post by Vitek’s is a prime example of social media marketing, which of course, is a formal name for word-of-mouth-intensified-as-if-on-crack. Facebook and other social media networks have become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. It opens doors for business to increase brand awareness and start conversations with the customer. Because of the personal connections, the business hopes the message spreads from user to user and reverberates because it’s coming from a known source instead of the company.

 Under the photo of Nolan Ryan, Vitek’s states: “Nolan Ryan stopped in for a GutPak @ Vitek's today. What better place is there to celebrate outbidding Mark Cuban for the Rangers than right here @ Vitek's. Congratulations to Nolan for buying the Rangers, whipping Robin Ventura, and especially for finishing that Large GutPak under the tent in 102 degree heat. Vitek's loves Nolan Ryan!”

The comments started immediately.