Sun, Dec 21, 2014 14:08
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Three Texas Firms Share $503 Million Fort Hood Army Hospital Contract
Three Texas Firms Share $503 Million Fort Hood Army Hospital Contract | aust_txbz, sanant_txbz, dal_ftw_txbz, kil_tem_fth_txbz

Texas Business reports: A Dallas firm, Austin firm and San Antonio firm will share a $503 million contract to replace the Fort Hood hospital.

Although the medical center was to have been completed in phases, Fort Hood received a boost last year as part of the nation’s stimulus package that will allow for the new hospital and upgrades to be completed as a single project.

The Fort Worth District has selected three contractors that will participate  in the Fort Hood Replacement Hospital contract.  The selected firms are Balfour Beatty-McCarthy of Dallas, Hensel Phelps & Robins Morton of Austin,  and Turner-Zachry Fort Hood Healthcare of San Antonio who received a $503,832,293 contract.

The U.S. Army’s agent in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District handled the contract.  

Presolicitation and solicitation of bids have been  ongoing since September 9, 2009.

Prospective contractors and subcontractors are cautioned against contacting the US Army Corps of Engineers offices at Fort Hood for site visit requests.  

 Project number 74728, Phase 2 of the Medical Center Replacement includes construction of the second phase of a new Medical Center on an adjacent site to the existing hospital campus. Primary facilities include the hospital addition, ambulance garage and other structures. This project includes all inpatient functions, some ancillary functions, and the emergency department.  Phase 1 and 2 will be solicited and awarded as a single discrete project.

The estimated magnitude of phase 1 and 2 is over $500 million. The contract award equals equals $351,760,660.00 Recovery Funds, and $152,071,633.00 Non-Recovery Funds.   

The work will consist of the design and construction of a new medical center with approximately 947,000 square feet to replace the existing Fort Hood Hospital, including construction of a new central utility plant.  Construction will be located on the athletic field site adjacent to the existing hospital campus.  Primary facilities will include the complete hospital replacement, consisting of all inpatient services, the ambulatory and outpatient clinics, ancillary services, emergency department, ambulance garage, building information systems and special foundations, utilizing EBD.  Supporting facilities will include site work, parking, and utilities.

 In early 2006, it was announced that the new Fort Hood master plan contained a 40-acre site near Clear Creek for a new medical facility. A Fort Hood landmark has seen the end of its run after nearly 60 years as an entertainment venue for troops and their families.

Construction crews this summer already have engaged in the demolition of Prichard Stadium, more commonly known as Hood Stadium, to make room for the planned medical center, which is expected to total $927 million in costs.  It is scheduled to be completed in 2015.