Fri, Dec 19, 2014 14:15
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Which Texas Do You Live In?
Which Texas Do You Live In?  | Charles Dickens, Creationism, Fundamentalism, Texas,

Herdin' On The Lake Brazos Parkway. Photo by Karnegie Musa. Copyright 2011.

It was the best of times, as the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA and the Texas Rangers went to the World Series for the second straight year,

it was the worst of times, as Texas experienced the worst drought in history, 3.5 million acres burned away in wildfire and the state found itself getting out of the cattle business,

it was the age of wisdom, as Texans created new space engines, new vaccines, new energies, new physics,

it was the age of foolishness, as Texans decided in droves to ignore science and oppose science,

it was the epoch of belief, as Texans build a $3 million chapel at Texas Tech University to be named after the chancellor, allowed the Texas State Board of Education continue to politicize science,  and funded private charter schools that taught creationism and denigrated the scientific method,

it was the epoch of incredulity, as small underfunded forces scrambled to counter creationism and climate change denial,

it was the season of Light, as Texans tested known concepts and created the first steps toward  a “cloak of invisibility” at UTA, a private space rocket facility at McGregor tested more rockets, and Texas scientists, continued to delve into the problems of dark energy and dark matter and develop grapheme energy storage,  

it was the season of Darkness, as Texans cut more than 12,000 thousand teachers’ jobs and underfunded the public education system by $4 billion,

it was the spring of hope, as Texans created more jobs than any one,

it was the winter of despair, as Texans deported thousands of undocumented workers who had come to Texas to make a better life, and continued to build walls between Texas and its biggest and closest trading partner.  

Which Texas do you live in?